• Learning Re-Imagined. A Data-Driven Adult Learning Experience.

  • World-Class Content
    Realistic - Engaging - Reusable
    Without the right content, learning initiatives can be severely limited. The best Learning Management System (LMS) or learning technology cannot make up for poor quality content.
  • Memorable and Lasting Impressions - Build Your Brand
    Enhance and Engage
    Gone are the days of sourcing online content from large, stale catalogs of text/picture based content.

Knowledge Library

Helping enterprises securely capture, catalogue, create and deliver knowledge and learning assets. Use your best to create your best while reducing IT and content administration overhead and cost.

Content Development

World Class 3D Modeling, Animation, Video and 360 VR Productions. Whether it is marketing, after market support, or training, show your products and services in their best possible light.

Memorable and Lasting Impressions

Use our professional development skills and expertise to build and enhance the projects that enchance your brand and better engage your employees, clients and contractors.

Watch Video

Provides the tools and content to enable your best and brightest resources to develop and distribute learning applications across your organization.

Site-Specific Training

Develop site specific training applications that can include; Unit overviews, walk the line/ process flow, scenario based safety training, automation/analyzers.

Custom Course Development

OEG work with our clients to understand knowledge and competency requirements to craft courses that meet their specific learning objectives.

Marketing & Corporate Communications

Helping organizations develop meaningful and memorable content and tools to engage and retain their clients.

3D Modeling & Animation

Modernize your maintenance, operations and training by incorporating our custom, high-end 3D models and animations.

Video Production & Motion Graphics

We have a fully functional studio, and the skilled and experienced personnel to shoot HD and 360 VR video in any environment.

Our Mission

Develop industry leading, world-class content available for use in multiple applications.

Our Vision

Evolve and change adult learning from an 'event' to a continuous, sustainable, lifelong process.

Our Commitment

We listen intently and respond quickly to provide the highest level of support and service possible.

In Development


An in depth look into how Fired Heaters work. Topics include: combustion, draft principles, components, operation and safety.

Fired Heaters

An introductory look into the principles of separators. Course discusses types, components, safety and operations of separators.


An introduction into the crude oil distillation process. Covers topics from temperature and pressure to distillation tower internals functions and other critical equipment.