Utilize. Standardize. Facilitate.

Syllabus: The OEG Knowledge Libraries' “In-class Facilitation” tool. Use enterprise vetted & approved content and facilitation notes to “Build-In” subject matter expertise and “Tribal Knowledge” from across your entire organization. Enable your course instructors to more consistently engage and facilitate adult learning.



Use the knowledge, skills and expertise of your best and brightest resources. Subject matter experts take many years to develop, are some of your best contributors and there are never enough of them to meet the evolving demands of the enterprise.

When a subject matter expert retires or leaves the company, their knowledge and expertise leave with them. Without a method to capture and distribute their knowledge, skill and expertise, your long term investment in an SME can be lost. Use the syllabus functionality to build your SME’s experience and expertise into your in-class / facilitated learning resources.

Share these SME learning resources across the enterprise and make this available to all of your instructors to create a new generation of SME’s.



In-Class Training: Enable your subject matter experts and learning developers to focus on and build the specific learning objectives and supporting materials required for success into your in-class training.

Learning objectives, viewing notes, exercises, specific discussion points, questions, lessons learned, video control and instructor experiences are a few of the enablers you can build into each syllabus.

Ensure that no matter the instructor facilitating the in-class training, the proper information is being presented and discussed in the proper context.



Move from instruction to facilitation.

Enable your instructors to captivate their students and ensure they are engaged as they make their way through the course material.

Use the OEG Knowledge Library facilitation notes to provide the discussions points and questions to begin discussions and share tribal knowledge developed over many years of operations.


Enhance your enterprise knowledge!