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Who is OEG

OEG is a group of experienced oil & gas performance consultants, knowledge managers, training experts, IT professionals and 3D / HD content developers. Based in Houston, Texas our experience, expertise and focus is the International Oil and Gas industry.

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3D Modeling

We value attention to detail, creativity, data, engineering excellence, experience, imagination, performance, solid planning and High Definition. We employ the acknowledged best in 3D modeling, animation and video production software.

Whether the base stock is a paper drawing, or a 3D CAD file, we have the experience and expertise to correctly model and create stunningly realistic motion graphics of your equipment.

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Video Production

We use state of the art video recording and production technology. This lets us go places with the camera that no man would go, and deliver stunning perspectives. OEG has an in house state of the art studio, as well as all the equipment necessary for an onsite shoot.

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3D Animation

OEG uses industry leading software to Illustrate all the functions of your equipment including: pneumatics, hydraulics, coolants, produced fluids, water, etc. and show the fluid behavior based on characteristics including; viscosity, density, suspended solids, etc. including multi-fluid flow.

Whether you are looking to market your company and products, or create life-like animations for training. OEG’s experts can help.

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OEG specialize in knowledge based, technical training. Data capture during the training process is critical to determine student outcome. We gather comprehensive course and student data as the student progresses through the training. This provides the company assessor the ability to rate and rank performance of their students against industry standards and/ or specific competitor or peer group course performance. We develop for our clients, according to their demands and specifications. We use our expertise, experience and skills to enhance the material we are given and the tools we use to provide the best outcome possible for the budget provided. Our roots are in the technical aspects of oil & gas operations and the oilfield service industry. We are currently used by some of the most successful O&G training providers in the industry with great success.

Competency: “the ability, qualifications, knowledge requirements and resources required to safely and successfully execute a task”. Hands-on training still represents the best application of theory and principles. However, consideration must be given to the level of knowledge each student brings to the classroom. The higher the base knowledge, the more successful the student.

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