Every Company has Learning Assets.
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These learning assets may be animations, videos, presentations, documents, images, procedures or other types of content that your employees or vendors have developed for you. Finding and incorporating your learning assets into learning resources like in-class, eLearning, assessments, etc., can be a difficult, time consuming task. The OEG Knowledge Library provides the tools learning professionals need to build, manage and track knowledge resources and learners in a secure, centralized cloud environment.

  • Bring your in-class facilitated, eLearning, blended and mobile learning resources to a single, secure platform.
  • Integrate numerous content types from multiple development sources into your learning.
  • Use the tools available in the Knowledge Library to create training resources that meet your specific training needs.
  • Empower your subject matter experts, knowledge management and training development resources to author, collaborate, publish, distribute, share, track and continually improve learning across the enterprise.
  • Deliver the knowledge resources your skilled employees need at their point of work in the moment of need.

Knowledge Library


At your Point of Work in your Moment of Need.
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What is the Knowledge Library?

The Learning Developer's Toolkit:

“Load” or “Link to” content your company has created, content vendors have developed for you or the high quality content available through the OEG Content Libraries. Place the content your subject matter experts, learning developers and learners need at their fingertips and provide them the ability to quickly and easily search, find and use it.

The OEG Knowledge Libraries' “In-Class Facilitation” tool. Use enterprise vetted & approved content and facilitation notes to “Build-In” subject matter expertise and “Tribal Knowledge” from across your entire organization. Enable your course instructors to more consistently engage and facilitate adult learning.

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The OEG Knowledge Libraries' “eLearning” course builder. Build courses to your specifications using various content types from multiple sources (videos, animations, documents, images, etc.). Simply and quickly create, edit and update your courses. Integrate workshops, critical thinking exercises, and quizzes as you see fit. Collect critical data from every interaction to analyze both the learner and the training content.

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The OEG Knowledge Libraries' “Assessment” tool. Simply and quickly create assessments to your specific requirements and standards directly from playlists, syllabuses and courses. Easily assess learner knowledge, retention and application. Collect critical data from each assessment to analyze both the learner and the training content.

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Package playlists, courses and assessments to create, then assign to learners. Save and share assignments you have created for future use. Apply due dates and success criteria to fit your organizational needs. Create learner groups to simplify the assignment process.

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