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About OEG
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  • 3D Modeling
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  • 3D Animation
  • Our Courses
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Who is OEG

OEG, The Operations Excellence Group is a group of learning experts, 3D / HD content developers, HD videographers, programming engineers, performance consultants and knowledge managers. We use all our skills to develop and support “high-end” motion graphics solutions for the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Oil & Gas industry.

We produce learning content which we make available for general industry use. We also develop custom content as requested and specified by our customers.

Based in Houston, Texas our focus is excellence in everything we produce and support. We take great pride in labeling our products "Powered by OEG".


3D Modeling

It all begins with the model. We value attention to detail, communication, creativity, solid planning and High Definition. We employ only the industry acknowledged best in high definition 3D modeling, animation and video production software.

Whether the base stock model is a paper drawing, or a 3D file, we have the experience and expertise to accurately model and create stunningly realistic motion graphics of your equipment.


Video Production

As with our modeling and animations, we use industry acknowledged state of the art video recording and production technology. This allows us to explore places with the camera that no one would ever go, and apply motion graphics to deliver stunning perspectives.

We have a state-of-the-art in house studio, as well as all the equipment necessary to record at your site. Our facility, equipment, experience and expertise are central in capturing video and transforming it into a work you will be proud of.


3D Animation

We use acknowledged, industry leading software to beautifully animate all the functions of your equipment including; the mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics, coolants, produced fluids, water, etc. Our fluid behavior animations are based on actual fluid characteristics including; viscosity, density, suspended solids, etc. including multi-fluid, multi-phase flow.

We believe in efficiency wherever possible, in developing models and animations once, and using them many times. All of your consumers deserve quality. Why spend more creating separate content for your marketing, learning and equipment support functions when all these disciplines can benefit from a single source of “high-end”, 3D / HD content? Talk to us, you may be surprised.


Our Courses

OEG specialize in knowledge based, technical learning. We develop the content we use in our eLearning courses, so you are assured that the course content quality is “high-end”.

We believe data capture is critical in determining student outcome and identifying any areas where remediation or intervention may be required. The performance data we gather provides the company assessor the ability to rate and rank performance of their students against each other, company and industry standards and/or a specific competitor(s) or peer group(s).

We believe “hands-on instruction” by a qualified and skilled instructor is a requirement to ensure competency, and the benefits a competent workforce can deliver. We also believe that access to a qualified and skilled instructor is earned.

The courses we develop are intended to prepare the student for the instructor. To raise the level of knowledge and pinpoint any weakness each student may bring to the instructor based learning, allowing the instructor to correct any weakness early, to better prepare the student for the content / instruction he/she provides.


Custom Course Development

We develop content and courses for our clients, according to their demands and specifications. We use our experience, expertise and skills to enhance the material we are given and the tools we use to provide the best outcome possible for the budget provided.

Our roots are in the technical aspects of the upstream, midstream and downstream oil & gas operations and the oilfield service industry. Content and courses we have developed and support are in use by some of the most successful O&G companies and learning providers in the industry.

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