3D Content. Learning Resources. Software Solutions.

OEG create industrial learning platform software and learning content which enables companies to build, maintain and evolve learning resources specific to their industry and operations. We believe advancements in learning technology should also serve to enhance the human learning experience. Our content and tools help in building learner confidence and improving workforce safety and efficiency.


3D & Learning Platform

OEG was first acknowledged by industry for our high quality, multi-use, 3D industrial motion graphics content. We further gained industry acceptance through our Intelligent Learning Platform, the OEG Knowledge Library.


Our Mission

  • Provide high quality 3D content to improve learner engagement, acceptance and make technical training interesting.
  • Give learning professionals the tools they need to develop learning resources specific to their operations and maintenance needs.
  • Deliver learning assets and resources for use at the “Point-of-Work” in the “Moment-of-Need”.
  • Provide an “Open” solution to enable our customers to use the industry content of greatest relevance and value to them.
  • Provide learning managers, operations and maintenance leader’s complete visibility into learning performance.

Partner & Learn

OEG partner with and learn from our customers at all points in our engagement, and use this knowledge in the continued enhancement of our software solutions and content.

  • Our solutions are designed to ensure rapid customer support response.
  • Our people are dedicated to providing customer service excellence.
  • Our company is driven to research and discover better methods to advance adult learning.

Founded in 2007, OEG is based in Houston, Texas.


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